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Carey Lening, JD, CDPP writes, speaks, and consults on data protection, law, technology & fractal complexity in systems. Currently based in Ireland, Carey has over 20 years of experience in thinking about hard problems and helping people arrive on practical solutions. She posts her thoughts weekly on Substack, and has written for various publications since 2006.

Longer Bio:

My superpower is identifying pain points, recognizing that problems rarely have a single, simple solution, and explaining things in a way that make sense, even if you're not a big ol' dork on the subject.

I've had a varied background (as a researcher, lawyer, journalist, and consultant), across a wide swathe of industries, which means I'm good at looking at a problem from different angles and observing things out that others might miss. I get the concept of fractal complexity and why problems rarely have a single root cause or solution.

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We live in a world of complex, messy systems and few simple answers. I'm curious about all of it, especially the interplay between those systems, and the people, policy & processes that influence them. Topics range, but frequently touch on policy & tech.


Carey Lening

Desperately trying to make sense of the mess we've gotten ourselves into. An extremely jaded, yet still hopeful, person. Lover of cats.